Investing in Companies that are “Built to Last”

… and the management team that built it without a pre-set investment time horizon

Welcome to Pinewell Capital

Private Equity for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

About Us

Pinewell Capital is a Scottsdale-based private equity investment firm focused on investments in smaller, lower middle-market companies. We look for niche businesses that fall outside the investment parameters of other strategic and financial investors. Our international experience allows us to be geography agnostic, but given our Scottsdale HQ, we are particularly strong in the broader U.S. Southwest and West Coast.

Pinewell seeks to partner with experienced operators in management buyouts, management transitions/succession or companies that seek funding to grow existing or enter new markets. We work closely with companies’ management teams to capitalize on strategic & growth opportunities and operational & financial improvements.


Yuta Matsui

Yuta Matsui

Yuta oversees and drives the investment process for Pinewell; valuation, negotiations and deal-making. Yuta has hands-on operational and middle market investment experience working with principal investments for Sumitomo Corporation, a major international investment company. With these portfolio companies Yuta managed the entire deal and post-deal lifecycle; from sourcing, negotiating and deal closing to operating and selling. Yuta holds an MBA from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, has passed CPA examination and is a CFA Charterholder.

Ziv Bendor

Ziv Bendor

Ziv oversees deal-sourcing, strategy formulation and on-going operating support for Pinewell’s portfolio companies. Ziv has over 15 years of both operational and management consulting experience in start-ups, small and large companies across various industries including B2B & B2C products and services, healthcare, manufacturing, distribution/logistics and energy. Prior to Pinewell, Ziv had operational experience as CEO of Platform Dental and management consulting experience as a an Associate Partner/Principal at Strategy& (formerly Booz & Company). He holds an MBA with distinction from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and a BSBA with distinction from the University of Arizona.

“Professionally I am driven by creating substantive impact for the companies and colleagues that I interact with through driving complex problems to successful and effective resolution. Personally, my family and friends are my core. I spend a lot of time with them and try to create shared memories that will be cherished by my kids, similar to the ones I cherish to this day. I love trying things from exotic foods to fun activities like scuba diving and snowboarding. My bucket list continues to grow regardless of how hard I try to cross things off from it.”

Investment Criteria



We deal with companies with all sizes, with typical enterprise value between $2M-$50M or  EBITDA of $500K-$10M.



We have some focus on the North America (Southwest and West Coast in particular) for our platform targets, but remain geography agnostic for our roll-ons.



      • Buyout of retiring owner or majority/minority shareholder
      • Corporate divestitures
      • Recapitalization of existing ownership/management
      • Growth equity to facilitate product-line/service-line expansion or new market entrance
      • Distressed investments and other special situations


We look for small market niche leader with defensible market position with minimum operating history of three year. Primary target company types and industries include niche manufacturers, unique product-based or service-based companies and companies in the healthcare sector.



      • Management continuity is preferred, but not mandatory
      • Prior to executing an investment, Pinewell will partner with the owner/management to design a Roadmap including a succession plan

Why Pinewell?

  • Firstly it’s the people. Pinewell Capital understands the people side of business and our top priority is to establish a relationship based on trust, integrity and mutual interests. We all work hard, we should all work with people who we care for, value and respect.
  • Our companies receive on-site operational and management support. Our principals have hands-on experience in small, medium and large companies with a successful track record in assisting management teams across various industries to enhance operations and outperform their industry.
  • Transactions are flexible and structured to meet the specific objectives of all stakeholders.
  • Long-term investment perspective without the typical constraints on size, structure or hold period of most funds. We don’t sacrifice long-term positioning for near-term profits.

Our Approach

  • We focus on growth strategy and operational improvements.  We do this by working collaboratively with the management team.
  • We provide analytical support to our portfolio companies that is often lacking in small companies. We employ analytical frameworks and methodologies used by top-tier management consulting firms to identify key focus areas that we want to focus on over the course of our holding period.
  • Our advisory board consists of ex-CEOs of successful middle market companies, serial entrepreneurs who have built multiple middle market companies from scratch, and ex-consultants from nationally recognized management consulting companies (likes of McKinsey, BCG, etc).
  • We also understand that sophisticated analysis and a strategic growth roadmap can only be meaningful when combined with the right execution, hence we emphasize regular communication and collaboration with the management team.
  • To ensure the success of our partnership with management, we look for and partner with companies that share our Core Values.

Core Values

We invest in companies that share most or all of our Core Values in one form or other.

Our Core Values are:

PEOPLE: People should always come first in our companies. If companies take care of their people, the employees will take care of the rest of the business.

INTEGRITY: Be accountable. Be honest. Follow through with what you promised.

CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT: Always look for ways to improve. Keep the Kaizen spirit. Keep your eyes and ears open to new ideas.

TEAMWORK: Everyone (management and employees) at our portfolio companies and our strategic partners are part of the Pinewell team.

ENTHUSIASM: We get rewarded for economic value that we add for our stakeholders. However, we all work hard and we should all have fun while doing so.

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